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The 1st Trimester

My pregnancy with Emmitt is night and day difference. Some of the symptoms I had were:

I was so nauseous.

I literally couldn’t go in my kitchen because the fridge smell would make me gag.

All I wanted to do was sleep.

My boobs grew 2 sizes and hurt so bad.

I had an instant baby bump and clothes were soooo tight.

Nothing sounded good to eat.

I literally do not have a brain and cant remember a thing.

Those are just some of the main symptoms that I had. I didnt have ANY of these with Emmitt.

Because of my last miscarriage I was so afraid to have another one that I had a really hard time celebrating this one. I didnt take any pictures other than a couple. I didnt document anything. I started out my last pregnancy writing down everything and taking weekly pictures that are sometimes hard to look at and I didnt want that to happen again. Now I completely regret it! Even though I literally never left the house, wore clothes, or put makeup on im made that I still didn’t document it.

We had a month before we moved into our house, so Jordan flew me to Arizona for the month to hang out and not stress out about things. So most of my first trimester was spent in Arizona.

I had 3 ultrasounds done in my first trimester. I was constantly worried.


This is baby girl at 9 weeks ^

I took this snap before I came to AZ to show my mom that it is going to be so hard to hide this bump I already had at 6 weeks. I was in AZ a month and didnt tell any family members because my mom wanted me to surprise everyone at the gender reveal. I just cant believe how fast I started showing this time.


For my birthday my dad was driving from Virginia to Arizona and surprised me by stopping in Texas to see me on my birthday.  I love this picture of me and my dad and wanted to post it so bad, but hello, that little tummy just wont hide.

Most everything that was documented was on snapchat videos.


This was the day we saw our baby for the first time at 6 weeks.  ^



Waiting for Dad and TeeTee (Alexis) to go on a ride at six flags.


The only ride I could ride on was the carousel. 😦

ONE week before I found out I was pregnant we all bought season tickets to six flags. I could technically ride some of them, but I didnt want to do ANYTHING to jeopardize the baby. Good thing there will always be someone to watch the stroller when everyone rides rides, because I am the biggest scardy cat to leave it there for someone to steal.


These two pictures were take hours before I found out I was pregnant on Easter.




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