Finding out we are pregnant!

Words can’t describe how happy we are! As soon as we got to Texas we decided I needed to go see a fertility doctor. We went in and Jordan and I took all the tests we could to help determine what our issue(s) were with trying to get pregnant.

Jordan’s tests all came back perfect. Mine came back with basically what I already knew and that I just don’t ovulate. And when I do ovulate its later in my cycle which isn’t optimal for an egg to implant. My doctor also wanted my vitamin D level to be just a tad higher so she recommend for me to take vitamin D supplements.

The next step was to wait for my period. On Easter my period hadn’t come yet. I didn’t think anything of it this time because I hardly have regular periods and I had a doctor’s appointment that next day to get everything started for my IUI.

Apparently (which I dont agree with 🙂 ) I wasn’t being my normal self, mainly I was being a constant BRAT. Jordan and my sister were convinced I was pregnant. I decided I would just take a test. So I did. IMG_20170416_203234

Usually before I take a test I think about all the ways I am going to tell Jordan. Well because this time I wasnt expecting it AT ALL and it literally turned positive in two seconds. I ran into the other room screaming my head off and he got mad at me because I was so hysterical that he thought I was going to tell him someone died. NOT exactly how I wished it would have happened. lol Last time I told him we were pregnant I recorded it and he was so cute but he made me swear I wouldn’t post it.. So I guess no matter how I tell him he probably wouldn’t have let me post it anyways. 🙂


We did take this ^ picture right after we found out though.



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