34 things I love about Jordan

It is Jordan’s birthday, so here are some things I absolutely adore about him. It is just a little cheesy.

1. The way he is with Emmitt and Dolly melts my heart

2. The way he  looks at me, I feel so loved

3. His laugh is my favorite

4. He is an amazing cook

5. How hard he works for us

6. How selflessly he massages my back

7. His body duh! Especially his arms and calves

8. The songs he makes up and sings to me and the babes.

9. His faith

10. His sense of humor and the way you make me laugh.

11. The love he has for me despite everything we have been through together

12. How he has made me a wife and mother

13. Our love story. How we met, where, how fast we got married.

14. Traveling the world with him I wouldn’t want to go anywhere without out him. I’m obsessed with him.

15. How adventurous he is.  Going skydiving or open water swimming with sharks, I always tell him he has a death wish.

16. How safe he makes me feel.

17. The sweetest notes and gifts he gets me.

18.  How we can always read each others minds.

19. He knows everything about me and all my favorite things.

20. How he makes me feel so pretty and is always complimenting me.

21.  How he is very aware of his personal  hygiene! 🙂

22. The way he tries so hard to make me happy

23. He take pictures with me even if he is annoyed

24. He takes me shopping even though he hates it, but he always pick out the cutest outfits. Most of my more put together outfits are found by him.
25. When it comes down to it, he will help me with anything I ask.

26. You support me. Maybe not agree with me. 🙂

27. His knowledge. He is like my little know-er of everything source. Sometime it bugs the heck out of me, but he is rarely ever wrong on his statistics or information.

 28. He makes me go out of my comfort zone.

 29. How much he LOVES football. I know most guys like football, but even when it is not even on he is totally engulfed with information about every player, team, coaches, etc.

30. How is still to this day after 7 years, still puts his wet towels on the bed, and dirty clothes next to the hamper.

31. How much a like we are. We are so different in our personalities, but everything we enjoy and like are basically the same.

32. He has finally just realized he is always wrong. haha. jk. but most the time.

33.He does not play video games. I hate those things. I just have to work on getting him to stop watching the news (both political news and sports news) and I would be set! 😉

34. That he wants so many more kids. I always wanted 4 or 6 kids total. He wants 6 more! He loves our two babes so much.





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