Emmitt is 3!

I am still in denial that Emmitt is three years old! I just had him! It is crazy to think that just yesterday I was crying to Jordan about everyone having babies and us not being able to get pregnant. Now here we are three years later with two beautiful babes.

Emmitt is a whopping 27.8 lbs which it in the 7th percentile but is 39 inches and in the 83th percentile in height.

There are so many things I want to remember about Emmitt.

He has slight OCD. It makes us laugh most the time but sometimes he is so particular about things we want to pull our hair out :). All of his plates have 3 compartments and for every meal he has to have something in every one even if he knows he wont eat it, it still has to have something. He has to have his tubs pushed in exactly the same way. He has to read 3 books plus Goodnight Football read to him every night before bed. His bedtime routine has to be the same. Get pajamas on, read 3+1 books, turn off his light, turn on his turtle sound machine, say prayers, I say goodnight first then Jordan says goodnight. He has a hard time when something doesn’t happen the way he wants it to happen. I could go on and on. 🙂

He is super picky. He will only eat: protein pancakes, waffles, cereal, peanut butter (only on a spoon), tuna, rice, bbq beans, chips, crackers, and lots of sweets of course. Its my biggest stress.

He loves music

He loves Little Einsteins, Paw Patrol, and Team Umi Zoomi. His favorite movie changes daily.

His favorite color is orange sometimes green.

He loves the water. Swimming, baths, showers, etc.

He loves books and to learn. He loves “school time”

He says and does the funniest things. I need to write them down. I hate that I have forgotten those things!

He picks his face. When he is going to bed, in his car seat or just sitting there. Its a bad habit and have tried everything to get him to stop. It breaks my heart. His poor face has at least 3 scabs on it.

He LOVES Dolly. He is going to be such a great big brother.

He is my best little buddy. He is a momma’s boy. I love my tiny boyfriend.

He has the sweetest heart.

He loves to play with anyone. He will play with anyone at the park and tries to always make friends, It hurts my momma heart watching him try to play with kids and they don’t want him to play with them.

His favorite phrase is “I got some good news, and i got some bad news”

He has a great photographic memory, or memory in general. Every night I tell him what we have planned for the next day. The first thing out of his mouth every morning is every thing we are supposed to do. He will remind me all day of the things we haven’t gotten to yet.

We are so proud to have Emmitt as our son. He is going to grow up to be something special and we cant wait to see what that is!


IMG_20180114_204052.jpg IMG_20180111_140314_931.jpgIMG_20180110_124026.jpg

We had a dinosaur party for Emmitt. One of his presents we got him a little Disney mystery box. He picked out they box he wanted and out of the 40+ Disney characters he could have gotten inside he got Rex! It was meant to be! He was so excited.

He also insisted on me making him a green birthday hat . . . well as crafty as I am this was the best I could do haha. I tried,



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