Valentines ideas

I have been wanting to throw a Galentines Party for years and every year something always happens and I can’t. So I at least try to make Valentines for my girlfriends and Emmitt’s friends. Last year this is what I did

IMG_20170210_124647.jpgFor my friends I got a bunch of bath bombs, little box of chocolates, and lotions. I put them in a cute bag and made heart tags that said “your the bomb”. It was so easy to make.

For Emmitt’s friends he picked out his own little Valentines and we just put some candy in them. He loved picking them out, putting them together, and even loved giving it to his friends.

Here is the template I made and just printed these out.

Untitled drawing

For Jordan, It was my year to be in charge of Valentines Day. So I did the 5 senses. A present to see, taste, hear, touch, and smell. I am going to use this idea every year. You can make it different every year but its easy to do.

Here are some ideas you could do for each sense:

SEE: clothes for him, something cute for you to wear for him, a movie, I used this website to make him a personalized book.

TASTE: candy, dinner, dessert.

HEAR: headphones, audio book, portable speaker.

TOUCH: lotion, body oil, or Lush massage bar for massages. (lets be real I got him the massage bar for him to massage my back 🙂 )

SMELL: candle, cologne, car air freshener

There are so many ideas for each sense on pinterest.





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