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I was scheduled for an induction Saturday August 10th, at 7:30am. Exactly 38 weeks. I was told to call the hospital an hour before to make sure they had a bed for me. I called at 6:30 and they said they weren’t ready for me but would call me when they were.
We went and got breakfast and came back to the house to hang out until they called (the call never came). Jordan called the hospital around 11 just to see if they had an ETA. The girl said they were really full but that I was 2nd on the list to be called. So we just lounged around, took a nap because we were so tired from barely sleeping because we were so anxious and waking up at 5:30 to get ready, went to Olive garden then walked around the mall.

I had everyone staring at me and Jordan kept laughing and staring back at people because it was so funny how much attention my huge belly was getting.
We went back home that evening and I called the hospital again just to see if they stopped calling at a certain time or if I should keep my phone on loud all night .
I woke up every hour almost on the dot to see if I had a missed call. We barely got any sleep that night.


Sunday morning came and when I woke up I did not feel good. I could barely move and had zero energy. My cute sister in law called the hospital and she spoke to a nurse and found out they had several woman come in over night in active labor, and that’s why I still hadn’t received a call.

After waiting sick for two days past my scheduled induction, Jordan wanted to go get checked into triage and try to “fake” that I was in labor so we walk around to try to get things going, and then walk around the parking lot  sweating so I would look like a was I was in labor 🤣

We got to the hospital at 1pm and went upstairs. When we walked in we asked to be checked into triage because I wasn’t feeling good. (Which I wasn’t, I felt so sick)
She got us checked in and walked into the triage and just as I was about to put a gown on they came and said there was actually a room available for me.


I got into the room and changed. The nurse was asking me all the questions and asked if I had been taking any meds besides prenatal. I wasn’t so I said no. And she asked me if I was talking iron supplements and I told her no. She told me they were going to come draw blood to check my levels and get an IV going.
My blood work came back that my hemoglobin level was a 7.6 , a normal level is 13-17, and 5 could be deadly.
Apparently, when I was tested at my doctors office my chart said I was at an 8 but no one told me or had me take extra iron or anything. That explained my fainting and shortness of breath I felt all the time. So, that’s what triggered the blood work.
Because mine were so low I had to get 1 possibly 2 blood transfusions before I gave birth to try to increase my levels before I gave birth and lost more blood.
At that point I hadn’t started Pitocin and I was 4 centimeters dilated and contracting on my own.

After the first transfusion my levels stayed the same. So I had to do a second transfusion. At this point it was 11:30 and I was at a 6 and had just gotten my epidural. They weren’t going to stop my labor since I was laboring on my own. But they weren’t going to give me Pitocin to speed it up because they wanted me to finish the second transfusion.
* I hated getting the transfusion. I could feel the cold thick blood going into my arm, and it hurt so bad when the blood pressure band would get tight.

I didn’t sleep all night. I couldn’t. Poor Jordan slept like this and then made himself a bed on the floor, so my sister and mom could sleep on the couches.

I literally just labored all night, till the next morning at 7am with the shift change. I got a new nurse and a different Dr was on call. When we asked the nurse if we could do something to progress my labor she was confused why they hadn’t done that in the first place. (*It was because either the Dr didn’t want to come in to deliver at night or she didn’t feel comfortable with delivering twins)

We were so annoyed that we could have had the babies hours earlier, and on the 11th. Which would have been cool because both Dolly and Emmitt’s birthdays are on the 11th of their month.

She went to talk with the new Dr and said we could get it going but when my midwife checked me I was at a 10.
I was wheeled back into the OR at 9:35am.
My epidural was starting to wear off and I could feel lots of pain and pressure. The anesthesiologist told me he couldn’t give me more because it would slow things down.

I started to push. I was in so much pain pushing. It hurt so bad. But 22 mins later at 9:57 Brigham was born. He had a very short umbilical cord so I couldn’t hold him on my chest right away because they had to do the cord blood banking. I was finally able to hold him and I cried so hard.

It was really weird to hold a baby and then remember you still had to push out another baby. I was so scared because I just went through one painful birth and I had to do it all over again.
At 10:06am I started pushing again. Braden was a little high so I had to turn on my side and push like that a couple times.
I finally had Braden 22 mins later at 10:28am. I was so relieved for all that pain and pressure to be over.
Brigham was 7lbs 6oz and Braden was 7lbs 3oz. And I didn’t tear but was very swollen.

I got back to the room to be with my family that was there.

Luckily I didn’t have to have a third transfusion. But when I got home from the hospital, I had a couple fainting spells and had a hard time getting a breath so I stayed upstairs for almost two weeks straight with out going downstairs.

Recovery has always been not very fun, but this recovery was my worst. Not just physically but very emotionally too. Im so grateful I am feeling much more of myself and I am in a much better head space.

I am so grateful for Ashlie @ashliejeannefilms for making this video for me. She wasn’t able to go back in the OR when I delivered so she was able to take some the videos/pics one of the nurses took and added it to the video. I was so out of it, that I don’t remember lots of details, but this video I will cherish forever because it helps remember all the emotions I felt that day.

Im also so grateful for Jordan. I couldn’t have done this without you. I love you.



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