Gender Reveal Party!

So as soon as I found out Sam was pregnant, I thought it would be so fun to do a double gender reveal party since this would probably be the only time we will be able to do it together. It just so happened I was going to Arizona for a month so we had to do it! The problem was that in order to let people know in enough time they wouldn’t know I was pregnant because I wanted to wait till I was at least 12 weeks. So we decided that I was going to throw Sam a gender reveal party and then I would just announce both me being pregnant AND the gender at the same time. It was so hard to be in Arizona for 4 weeks and either not tell people or lie to them when they would ask how things are going. I HATED IT!


So since Sam is about 6 weeks further along she was able to get an ultrasound done at I believe she was 16 or 18 weeks. I on the other hand was far enough along for a ultrasound before the reveal. SOOO I looked for a blood testing place in AZ ( I already had found a place in Texas to do it and had an appointment at 9 weeks, before I found out I was leaving for AZ and had to cancel it) I couldnt find a place in AZ at all. I ended up finding a website called SneakPeak that sends you a kit to do the blood sample at home and then you mail it to them and within a couple days they email you the results. So I ordered it. I should have recorded the process. haha.

There can’t be ANY males around when you do it and you have to scrub EVERYTHING!. Sam came over to help me poke my finger and get the blood into the vile. I WOULD NOT BLEED. I had to prick three fingers and still wasnt able to get enough blood. I also almost passed out twice doing it and had to run to the freezer and sit down with my head in it.

We ended up sending it not all the way full because we ran out of the finger pricker things they give you to get you to bleed and I literally wouldnt have been able to do anymore because I was so sick and queasy.

We mailed it the next day and with in a couple days my mom got the results in her email.

My mom was the only one who knew the genders of both Sam and I’s baby until we found out at the party. She kept them a secret for over two weeks. I would have accidentally said something haha.

We decided since they are huge hockey fans and Jordan and I are football fans that to reveal, Dalton would hit a puck and Jordan would kick a football (he ended up just using the hockey stick to hit it tho)








I was CONVINCED I was having a boy and Sam was having a girl and I was totally backwards. Thats the first time I have ever been wrong. Im totally blaming pregnancy brain 🙂 We are so excited to be having a baby girl and Jordan is over the moon to be having a little princess. I am excited to finally come up with her name and get everything ready for her, with out breaking the bank and going tooo crazy 🙂

I am THE worst at taking pictures in the moment of things. Im so mad we didnt get group pictures or of the inside decorated or anything! I always tell myself not to forget but do EVERYTIME!



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