What I wish I would have known as a teenager

As I near almost thirty. (Still in freaking denial) I have had a lot of time to think about myself as teenager to early twenties and what I wish I would have known.

I know not everyone has had the same experience as I did. During my teen years I went to 5 different schools in 3 different states. I was (still am) very shy and have (not as bad) anxiety. I am not the leader type, I am much more of a follower and I tend to be drawn to people with strong personalities.

The things I wish I would have known as a teenager. 

  1.  I wish I would have known /realized that I would be spending my entire adult life with my husband. A Guy. So why did I waste all my young fun years worrying about boys or if boys liked me. I wish I would have put all my energy and effort into making really good girl friends. That I could then have now, and the rest of my life.
  2.  With that being said, I wish I would have been more outgoing and put myself out there. I could have made so many more friends in high school that I could still be friends with to this day.  Even if I made a fool of myself trying to be more social and friendly and even if a handful of people remembered me, who cares now.
  3.  I wish I would have been better about keeping up with the friends I did have. Even though we were/are literally miles away. Im grateful for Facebook and Instagram but it is still not the same.
  4. I wish I would have left home and went to college and have that experience. I was to caught up with my then boyfriend to go. I even knew (basically my whole life) what I wanted to go for, but it took me years to be able to go back to college and here I am still going. I wish I would have had the experiences and met some lifelong friends. I see so many girls who have met their very best friends from going to college, or just moving out of their parents homes and getting away.  They had so much fun in college, and not just in the “partying” way just in general.
  5. I wish I would have listened to my mom. So cliche’ but so true. Everything my mom ever told me came true and happened. Now here I am, so naive, thinking that Emmitt, Dolly and my future children are so going to listen to me 🙄 .
  6. I wish I would have gotten to go to more school dances. I was able to go to my 9th grade homecoming dance.  That was my first and only schools dance I went to. I either moved right before a dance or right after and didnt know anyone to go with.

     I know there are so many more things I wish I would have known but those are by far my top things I wish I would have known/done. What are yours? I’d love to hear that I am not alone!


These are some pictures of the only pictures I could find right now of me in 9th grade.

** Also, If you have any pictures of me from in high school I would love to see those too, I was not good at keeping them stored somewhere safe and have no idea what happened to them! 😦









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