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Dolly’s Birth Story

Dolly’s due date was December 17th, 2017. After much persuasion from Jordan, we decided to get induced a week early.

On December 11th at 5am we checked into our labor and delivery room at Baylor Scott and White Hospital.



We got all checked in. The nurse came in and I was dilated to a 4.

6am: started the pitocin

I was having contractions but I could barely notice them and they  were not hurting.

8:30am: Since I  was progressing, even though I was hardly feeling anything, I decided to get an epidural. I was so scared I was going to feel pain that I wanted it done before the contractions started to hurt. I was terrified when the lady came i to put the epidural in. I was shaking uncontrollably. The epidural I got with Emmitt was hell, it hurt so bad getting it put in. This one, BARELY a pinch. I was so relieved. She was an amazing Anesthesiologist.

9am: dilated to 5

10am: Dilated to a 7.

11am: My parents and Emmitt got to the hospital

11:30am: I was dialated to a 10 and ready to push.

My doctor came in and started having me push. I couldnt feel ANYTHING. I had no idea how to push or what to do because I couldn’t push. I had absolutely no feeling.

I was getting so frustrated because every one was telling me how to push and when, and I had no control. I would push and I didnt know what I was doing. It was so different from Emmitt because by the time I was ready to push with him my epidural wore off and I could feel everything. So I knew what it was supposed to feel like, but there was nothing there to feel. I didnt like it. I wanted some feeling.

After about 40 minutes of pushing. She was right about to come out. Then my doctor had me stop pushing. He was grabbing tools and cutting. I just assumed he was giving my an episiotomy. But he had like three tools, then he face got serious. My mom and Jordan’s face dropped and I had no idea what was going on. They had me push one last time, that time the two nurses moved Jordan and my mom out of the way to push on my stomach to help push her out. All I was hearing was “Push, get her out, get her out” She finally came out and they took her straight to the warmer. I started bawling, I thought she was dead. I was so scared and no one was saying anything. Both my mom and Jordan were over by the warmer with her. She did not make a sound or start crying for 1 min and 2 secs. I counted. It was the longest minute of my life, followed by one of the happiest moments of my life. She had one of her shoulders stuck behind my pelvic bone. My doctor thought he might have to break her collarbone to get her out but  did not have to. But they had to make sure it didn’t naturally brake during birth. She also had the cord wrapped around her neck and  that is what he was doing with all those tools. He had to cut her from the cord.

Both babies Jordan hasnt been able to cut the cord after delivery. Dolly’s cord was so long that after they got her out and checked out, he was able to cut the cord. I told him after that I was so sorry he has never been able to cut the cord right after birth when it was still attached and he looks at me and says “OH HELL NAW!! They usually do it when it is still attached?!?!? So apparently he didn’t care as much as I thought.

I was also told that if my next babies are over 8 lbs I will have to have C-sections. I am so sad by that and it makes me nervous to get pregnant again. 😦

Dolly Bow Moore was born December 11, 2017 (One month exactly from Emmitt’s)

Weight: 8lbs 15oz. (exactly 1 pound more than Emmitt)

Length 20 1/4 inches long.

We brought our speaker to play music from our spotify and when Dolly was born Our wedding song happened to be playing.

My mom recorded her whole birth and I cry every time I watch it. The emotions still get to me watching my face when everything was happening. I am so grateful she captured every moment. I thought about sharing it, but I am not sure I want to.

There was also a high school student that was there to observe. I felt bad that the first birth she had ever seen was my scary one.

These are some pictures from that day.


IMG_6864IMG_6859IMG_6858IMG_20171211_130534clone tag: 969904812406776216IMG_20171211_122549IMG_20171211_122539IMG_20171211_122517IMG_20171211_122503IMG_20171211_203240_1IMG_20171211_193337IMG_20171211_140100IMG_20171211_134728IMG_6890IMG_6884IMG_6876IMG_6873IMG_20171211_122503








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