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How I travel with my toddler


I dont know about you but packing and even thinking about flying with my toddler stresses me the heck out. Emmitt is a great child but he is a very active kid. He has a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. We have usually always flew Delta but with Emmitt and him being a lap child I have been loving Southwest. First we get two free checked bags so duh I just brought two bags to put under and didnt have to have a big carry on. Also Unless you dont check in fast enough (But with a child 6 and under you get to board after A group) you get your choice of seat. I always try to pick a window and not many people willingly sit next to you if you have a kid 🙂 If they don’t sit next to you and the flight isnt full (both ways weren’t) Emmitt got his own middle seat for free.

This is what I brought on the plane with us. 2 backpacks and a baby carrier.


BABY CARRIER:   I REFUSED to bring my stroller. The last time I brought my stroller the airline completely broke it. **which they did pay for a replacement** but I couldn’t bare the thought of worrying about it again. Since then we have always just brought a cheap umbrella stroller with us. If Jordan isnt coming with me on the trip  I just carry him in the carrier.  I have a Moby wrap that I used when Emmitt was a tiny babe but it is packed away for when a new baby decides to jion us and even if I didnt pack it away I wouldn’t have wanted to try and bring that and wrestle the fabric with a 22 month old. I bought another carrier that I love! I bought it for way cheap on  Amazon . Im thinking about doing a video review on it. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing that! I kept my ID, Emmitt’s birth certificate, debit card, tickets, and anything I needed quick access to in the big front pocket.

EMMITT’S  BACKPACK: The only thing I wanted to bring on the airplane with us was a backpack for each of us. No overhead things. I wanted my hands free at all times. I bought Emmitt this back pack at pottery barn with his name on it. img_6454  I LOVE it but I got the pre-k one and I didn’t think it was going to be as small as it was but it will work great for another year or so. I would suggest getting the next size up. In it I put his sippy cup for one of his pediasures/water, snacks . . lots of snacks, coloring book/markers, two of his favorite little books, his flash cards that he loves, and his Toy Story guys he loves to play with. I would put the Ipad in here but it is literally just a hair to large to fit in the backpack.

MY BACKPACK: I used this back pack as my Diaper Bag in Pink. I love it. It has just enough space for everything I NEED. Need being the key word. I have a tendency to back everything in my house “just in case” and this bag is big enough for my needs so I leave all the wants at home. Plus its so cute and I can carry it on my back and not on my shoulder. This is what I packed in it. IPad, wallet, notebook, chap-stick, diapers, wipes, extra pair of clothes, and a little bag with tampons, diaper cream, sun screen, all the little travel stuff I can fit that I might need 🙂

If I am flying to DC my parents have a car seat and stroller so I wont have to worry about bringing that stuff. Especially because when I go to DC a lot of the time Jordan isn’t with me so I do not have his help. Last week I took a last minute flight to AZ for a funeral and luckily there I have everything I need. I did check a car seat tho. I bought a $45 cheap car seat that if I have to have one for where im going I bring that one so if it gets lost or damaged im not to worried about it. If I do need stroller, I also bring a cheap umbrella stroller with me.





What do you do when you travel with your little ones?!




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