Most embarrassing Story

Out of all my embarrassing stories, this one is by far my MOST embarrassing.

Most mornings I take Tank (our 5 month old dog) for a walk with Emmitt on my back. We live next to an Elementary school it is on the street behind us. I have to walk past the school to get to the trail we like to walk on.

Today we were on our walk right as a lot of parents were dropping off their kids for school. So I waited until there was a break of cars to cross the street and get to the trial. Well as we were walking across the street Tank decides he needs to poop. (I hate bathroom words but for this sake I had to say it.) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. As he is pooping cars are stopping which creates lines on both sides of the street waiting for my dog to stop pooping. THEN I had to pick it up. Luckily I always bring bags out with my for this reason. I was beyond MORTIFIED. I was so mad at him. We were JUST next to a field of grass and where he could have gone  but nooo he insisted on doing it right in front of at least 10 cars just staring at me while my dog pooped and I picked it up. I wanted to die and runaway!

If any of you have seen this movie this is how I felt. (One of my all time favorite movies!)

 I want to hear your embarrassing stories!


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