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Finding out we are expecting baby #2


BACK STORY (TMI):So I had been having regular periods after taking a couple rounds of infertility medication. In May I thought it would be the best birthday present to find out I was pregnant. But then I started my period. Since then we have only tried using the ovulation kit. In June I went and visited my mom for 2 weeks and while I was there I thought I might be pregnant. I was having crazy symptoms. Although my period never came in June, I could never get a positive pregnancy test.


The day I found out I was pregnant with baby  #2 — July 1st.
That morning I woke up from having a dream that I went to the hospital because I was in a lot of pain and they told me I was in labor  when I had no idea I was even pregnant. I delivered an 11 pound baby boy with lots of  brown hair. I woke up and told Jordan about my dream and he laughed.

I had a Dr.’s appointment to hopefully get some infertility medication to help us get pregnant. On our way to the Dr.’s office Jordan said “we haven’t talked to Clarissa (his sister) in a while lets call her” he was talking to her and she asked what we were doing and Jordan said “oh on our way to see what gender Taylor is having!” Totally just messing around with her. He is such a tease!

We got to the Dr.’s office and I explained my infertility issues and she said she was going to prescribed me provera to jump start my period and on day 3 of my period I am suppose to take clomid for 5 days. After talking about the details I asked her if the tested my urine sample to make sure I wasn’t pregnant before I started taking provera. I didnt think I was pregnant but I just wanted to make sure I wasnt before I took a pill to force a period. (she said it wouldn’t matter if I was or not, but I just wanted to be safe) She said she would test it for me. She came back and said that it was negative and that she sent my prescriptions to Walgreens.

We got home and I quickly started taking of my jeans and Jordan was like “babe can you not wear pajamas all day!” And I said “I am keeping my shirt on but my pants have been super tight lately and I can’t stand to keep wearing them!”

So he had to leave for work and right as he walked out the door my Dr.’s office called I thought they were going to say I needed to pay a co pay or something.

She said that my urine test had a faint positive line so they tested it again and the 2nd one came back positive as well and she needed me to come in on Tuesday to get blood work. (Monday was the 4th of July so they were closed) Completely shocked I said “so I need to come in to give blood to check if I’m pregnant” and she said “no your pregnant we just need to do blood to see how far along you are.” I started bawling. I was completely in shock. And thinking they accidentally called the wrong person. And I said so I can come anytime on Tuesday and she was like uhhhhh hold on and put me on hold. I for sure thought she was going to come back and say oh my gosh sorry I called the wrong person and she came back and said ya what time on Tuesday did you want to come in!?

I was trying to hurry and get her off the phone so I could call Jordan and try to catch him before he left and she had to schedule my appointment and I felt like it was 30 mins long!!

As soon as I got off the phone I immediately called Jordan and told him to hurry and get home and he was like why!? Are you okay!? Is it bad!?, I just kept saying hurry!

It was the longest ten mins of my life.

He got home and I had Emmitt hand him a note saying I’m going to be a big brother and he freaked out and didn’t think it was real (I recorded his reaction also but he wont let me show anyone!)

Once Jordan left I remembered I had a cheap pregnancy test and I took it and it’s faint but there is def a line!!

I ruined the surprise to my mom and sister but accidentally sending them the picture of the pregnancy test instead of Jordan (insert face palm emoji here). So they have known just as long as I have.

We are early announcing but I couldn’t keep it in any longer. And we are happy and excited for this baby.

So I’d say what helped us get pregnant was we weren’t trying. I didn’t do anything special the month of June because I was waiting for my period to start to do the ovulation kit and tracking days, etc.

I had no idea how far along I was because according to my last period I could be anywhere between 3 to 8 weeks. When I got blood work done I was guesstimated to only be 3 weeks pregnant. I then went to an ultrasound place here and was told I was 6 weeks 5 days (at that time).

So currently I am guesstimating myself at 9 weeks 4 days.

So we still do not know how I got pregnant with out a period and basically not thinking about it for that month.

We are so grateful for this miracle and still in shock!




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