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Emmitt’s Bedtime Routine

I first want to start off by saying I am not video maker in the slightest. I made this video purely to remember this precious time I have with him every night before he wont do it with me anymore 😦 I also cut it shorter because we read two books and we have to do all the hand gestures and reading scriptures take us a couple minutes.


At 7:00pm is when we start our bedtime routine.

We get pj’s on, change diaper, read story(ies),  read scriptures, turn on turtle,  say prayers, kisses, down for bed. *We have swim lessons or going swimming a lot so we usually shower mid day, but depending on other things we did that day we will take a shower before bed.

Right now Emmitt’s favorite books to read before he goes to bed are (linked below)

Goodnight Football  and  123

I got really lucky (knock on wood) that Emmitt loves bedtime. Once I lay him down, cover him up, hand him his Woody, Penguin, and Lion he hugs them and blows me a kiss and I walk out. Sometimes he lays there for about 20 minutes talking to himself but in the last 6 months I haven’t had an issue with him not wanting to go to sleep. Even when we are out of town.



We are in Atlanta for just the summer and didn’t bring any of his furniture. He has been sleeping in a pack n play which hasn’t bothered him. I can’t wait to get back to Utah and have all of our own stuff again!

I’d love to know how you guys do your bedtime routine. Please share!



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