Trip to Virginia

Since Jordan is working his bum off and we don’t get to see him much during the week and my parents were going to watch Emmitt for me while I went to Chicago with Jordan. I decided to go to Virginia a week before Chicago and stay a week after. We had so much fun. Here are some a lot of iphone/snapchat pictures and selfies because I have to document when I actually get ready and look decent. haha.


I decided since my mom had a stroller already at her house and they broke my stroller last time I would check all my stuff and just bring my backpack (diaper bag) and Emmitt’s backpack and carry him in the carrier. Best thing I ever did. I am probably going to write a post about that.


Had to send daddy pics letting him know we got there safely.


The day we got there we went to the car dealership  and my mom got a new car. He did so good but by the end it was way past bedtime and was over it. He stated going around and kissing all the cars inside the dealership. It was so cute.


Facetiming daddy every chance we got.


Church selfies.

IMG_0733This is the inside of my moms car that I named Hermes. When you buckle the seat belt he pulls it real tight and I like to say he is very handsy. Its the weirdest feeling to have a car hug you. haha


Starbucks frappe for the win. They make them in tiny baby sizes! haha #badmom


bedhead. I have been waiting for the day that he has hair! Finally here is a picture to prove it lol



My dad met us for dinner and it started raining while we were eating, luckily it stopped right before we left.


There are a couple things I will splurge on but I have found (unfortunately by trial and error) things that are not even worth spending more than $20 on. For example these sunglasses. They don’t look as crooked as they really are, but now after the cubs game we recently went to, these sunglasses don’t fit my face at all. oh well.


He thinks he is so big.


She wouldn’t take a selfie with me.


I really want to see this movie. Has anyone seen it? Is it worth seeing or waiting till it comes out on dvd  Amazon.


We slept in the same room and since he goes down a couple hours before me. I love going in and checking on him.


Emmitt loves being outside and in the water and I thought I looked pretty decent so hey here are those pictures.


We went to a place called Duck Donuts. They take plain donuts and you choose any toppings you want to put on it. My absolute favorite donuts are maple and the guy recommend their “french toast” donut which is a maple donut with powder sugar on top. It was pretty good. If I was more of an adventurous person with food it would have been a lot more fun of a place to get donuts.



We went to the zoo. We got hung up and left late so we didnt get to stay as long as we would have liked but when nap time rolls around Emmitt needs to sleep. Or else. 🙂


I love Dolly Parton and I got that love from my dad. All I have ever wanted to do is go to a Dolly Parton concert with my dad. She is never in concert so I always figured the closest thing I’d ever get to do with him is go to Dollywood. When I found out she was performing I about died! What made it even better was that she was performing in Virginia the same time I was going to be there! It was so meant to be! We had the best time and Dolly is the SWEETEST and FUNNIEST person. I walked away loving her way more! It was such a fun concert. And the best part my dad loved it to and was so surprised! I did it for fathers day and had no idea what we were doing till we got there!


He spent a good 20 mins playing with the seatbelt. Which I was so grateful for since he gets bored so easily.


We were so spoiled by my parents and wish we could see you both more often! Until then thank goodness for this blog, Instagram, snap chat, and lifecake to keep up with family!


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