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Weekend Getaway to Chicago

Emmitt and I went to Virginia about 3 weeks ago to visit my parents. I’ll write about that later. Maybe not, I’ll probably forget. After I was in Virginia for a week I flew in to meet Jordan and one of our favorite couples Braiden and Heather in Chicago for the weekend while my mom watched Emmitt.

First we went to one of Jordan and I’s favorite Mexican Restaurants Nuevo Leon in Chicago.



Since we were up so early we went back to the hotel and relaxed until we needed to get ready to go see Blue-man group. I honestly had no idea what it was about or what to expect. I loved it. I was so funny and interactive. I would highly recommend everyone seeing it!



We couldn’t just end the night like that we had to go get ice cream! Oberweis is a must. Their chocolate shakes are my absolute favorite!


The next morning we went shopping to get some more cubs gear (like we didn’t already have enough) but I forgot my Cubs stuff in Utah. Then we went to Wrigley field and saw the Cubs play the AZ Diamond backs. Unfortunately we lost but we have been doing so good this season!




After the game we went and walked around downtown and took a boat tour on the River and Lake. It was so beautiful. We took lots of fun pictures!



We were starving after the boat tour so we went to Giordano’s Pizza. We had a chopped salad that I honestly have been craving everyday since. Unfortunately their pizza is not my favorite. I don’t know why, but I just cant love it. It’s not bad but I can only do one slice, and if you know me I am a 3-4 slices of pizza kinda girl 😐



The next morning before we left we went to top golf and hung out there till I had to leave.


My mom sent me this pic ^  of Emmitt on snapchat. I was dying.


It was a short quick trip but full of memories

Thanks for  reading this post  looking through all the pictures!









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