My Birthday


Just a week or so late but here is what we did for my birthday!

Jordan woke me up around 1 in the morning on my birthday to sing to me and had me open my presents.  He got me a bag full of beach towels, sunscreen, and road trip snacks. He also got me two dresses and a really cute shirt. (The one in the picture above)


Selfies of course because it’s my birthday.  And we had a 5 hour drive to get to Destin Florida. We (I) love snapchat. Jordan is slowly starting to use it more. Which we (Emmitt and I) love getting.


This dress is one of the dresses Jordan got me for my birthday. Im so grateful for him because if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have any cute clothes. I would be wearing sweatpants :/

The only pictures I got of my actual birthday of us, were these blurry ones from the beach.

This is my child. He is a crazy sleeper.

2nd day on the beach. Im married to a beach bum and together we made a beach bum. My boys LOVE the water.

Dinner that night in the second dress Jordan got me for my birthday.

I failed and didnt take any more pictures the rest of our trip but these random ones. I got a sweatshirt which I am glad I didnt because I have had to wear it the last two days here in Atlanta because it has been so cold, Emmitt loves having his blanket over his head, crackers (any bread), grapes (or oranges), oatmeal and cheese are the only thing he seems to only eat lately and the one is of us being bums because mommy got way to burnt.

I had such a great birthday. We had so much fun. I wish weekends were longer. Thank you Jordan for spoiling me!


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