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What do I like to do?

One question I hate to answer is What are your hobbies? Hobbies? There are things I do that can be a hobby. Cleaning, cooking, taking care of my two boys, etc. Do hobbies have to be something you love to do? In that case I have no idea. What do I like to do. Well the only time I can anything for myself is one hour at a time during the day when my son takes each one of his naps. (if they eve last an hour) or at night when Emmitt goes to bed for the night before Jordan gets home and wants my attention. So I narrowed it down to maybe 2.5 hours of me time. Then I have to subract 20 mins to clean the kitchen because heaven forbid I try to do the dishes with Emmitt who loves to help me unload the dishwasher when im trying to load it. Take of another 20 minutes to fold and put away the laundry that would have ended up on the floor with Emmitt cuddling and rolling around in. Take off an extra 2o minutes off for the other random things that I will have to pick up/clean etc. Take off 20 mins if I want to take an Emmittless shower to actually shave, put purple shampoo in my hair, or just enjoy the shower in general. Take an hour off to make a tiny dent in the massive amount of homework I had. Which left me a total of 10 minutes for myself.  Instagram? Emails? Going to the bathroom?

Now that it is summer and I am not in school and Jordan gets home much later I will have more time to do something with. But I have no hobbies. I dont know what I enjoy doing. I am not a reader. I like “how to” books, I struggle getting into novels. I wish I was artsy because I would love to draw, paint, make things but I am horrible, and I cant leave the house to do any of these hobbies, because well CPS might get called for leaving my child unattended. So I am on a mission to find something I can do at home that I enjoy doing. I would love to hear any suggestions! In the meantime I will be pinning things on pinterest i will never do 🙂


#momlife #sunburnt #SAHM #itsraining #stuckinside

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