Hawaiian cage free shark dive video

Jordan took me, Emmitt and my mom to Hawaii in December. It was so fun! Jordan really wanted to do a shark dive so when we got to our hotel we asked the guy helping us with activities how much it was to go. He told us it depended on the package we wanted, cage or no cage. NO CAGE. Jordan went crazy! I told him no way I would let him go and possibly get hurt! We looked up the company that does it and the girl that owns the company is GORGEOUS. So I thought okay, if she could do it I could too. I decided I would go with Jordan and stay on the boat and MAYBE I will go in the water. As soon as I got there I was so ready to get in the water. The girls we went with were so awesome and knowledgeable. The have taken thousands of people diving, even Nina Dobrev (from vampire dairies went. Not one person has gotten hurt. If your ever in Hawaii check them out! It was the coolest experience, and Jordan cant wait to do it again. I not so much, but im glad I can say I did it and im glad I did! Anyways, here is our video of that day! I totally failed and forgot our gopro so the footage of us in the water was taken by one of the girls that led our tour. So here are some iphone videos that Jordan helped me put together.


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