Emmitt Updates

Emmitt’s 1st Birthday

I cant believe my baby is already one! How did that happen?!?!? Here are a bunch (I couldn’t pick a couple) of pictures of my sweet son. Even after a year it still feels crazy that I can say son. He is the light of our lives. He makes me smile all day. His smiles is contagious. He has these eyebrows that go from scouring to normal to scouring to normal and he thinks its the funniest thing ever. He finally sleeps through the night in his own crib. He used to be such an amazing eater, but now he wont eat anything but peanut butter and jelly, oranges, grapes, anything with peanut butter, yogurt, bagels or anything with bread and some baby snacks. I try to give him EVERYTHING. He loves water.  He loves Toy Story. His drums, cars, flashcards, and  balls.
He takes more and more steps every day but gets angry every time he falls.
He says bye and blow kisses when someone leaves. I love it.
I haven’t been to his doctors yet to get his stats. We got new insurance and I am still waiting for our cards.





























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