Our Washington D.C. trip

 On the plane
 My mom is so sweet and got all my favorite snacks. Her guest room was set up so cute.
What he would look like with buck teeth.
He loved this toy. Especially the Bard that would say “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah” and the “Best friend” song we sing to him.
Pool time
 Papa and Emmitt
 Papa gave him his first lick of a fudge bar.
He holds on to things for dear life, sometimes he feels like he has to use his teeth.
 woke up so early every day we were there.
 going for a walk
 my mom has beautiful hydranga’s in front of her house. it took all of me to not pick them. especially the blue ones.
no big deal just nursing sideways and on his tip toes.
 Papa, Oma, and Em’s in front of the white house.
 I would love for the outside of my home to look like this. Only about 60 times smaller.
me as a baby vs. Em’s
I love that those shorts make Emmitt’s bottom look soooo big haha.
me and my gorgeous momma
 seeing daddy after 10 days.

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