Emmitt Updates

Emmitt’s 6th Month Update

Em’s first movie jurassic world. 

  he thinks he can walk. just doesnt have any balance. 

 trying to get out of his swing.

 this wiggle worm moves ALL over the place while nursing.

  he LOVES the air vents, he just lays on them and lets the cold air hit his body

1st time eating spagehetti  

 Provo temple

swimming with daddy 
 Provo Temple selfie
 4th of july parade

 4th of July selfie

 playing with daddy is one of his favorite things

 Emmitt’s teo first teeth came in at the same time.

 i LOVE my boys


naughty naughty 🙂


that smile

 he thinks he is big. 

 Had a picnic at a park then walked around the provo temple. 

Church selfies

It was a rough day. I got lost walking, it was soo hott out, i got pooped on by a bird, then i came home and while i was on a conference call i was trying to entertain Em’s so he wouldnt cry and i had him in the air and he spit up all over me. 

mommy and baby selffies

Loves walks and being outside.

Mommy eats the treats and baby play’s with the wrapper’s haha. 

Em’s  LOVES swimming and mommy LOVES his tiny body in a bathing suit. 
Swimming pics . . 

We went to the parade of homes. . .he wasnt as entertained. 🙂

Our only pics from fathers day

Our only pics from fathers day

He loves grabbing my face and kissing me. It’s m favorit

I will miss thes days that he will let me hold him while he sleeps. 

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