Emmitt Updates

Emmitt’s 5th Month Update

I love that he grabs my face and gives me kisses. 
i love sleeping baby pics

May 12th 2014 we found out we were pregnant. The video of how I told Jordan is back * here. *  

 Outside the Gilbert Temple waiting for my cousin Millie to get married

Us at Millie’s reception

my little family

Emmitt’s first trip to vegas 

we lost the paci, so momma had to improvise. 

jordan grandma’s funeral

daddy was outta town and mommy had errands to run down the street really fast and had two wipes. . . . 

this is how i get work done. . . or dont get work done.

attacking momma’s face

2 blowouts = naked baby

I love my two boys

laughing boy

first cantelope expeiernce. he loved it
go blackhawks!
he sweet smiley face


breakfast and kisses before daddy left us for atlanta

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