Emmitt Updates

Emmitt’s very late 4th month update (and my story on mastitis)

uhhh this is so late. better late then never? ha.
 we (i) attended  my cousins sealing at the mt. timp temple. poor jordan hung out outside the whole time. their faces say it all. 

 first time trying avacado.  he.loves.food.
 my two cuties.

 em’s two cousins. kane and axton

 1st mothers day. 

 em and kane . . .hard to get a pic of two wiggly guys

 1st time swimming. he loves the water. 
 em and bella
 wants that toy
 kane is the sweetest. i cant wait for them to grow up together. 
 always wanting kane’s toy’s
 “really taytay” i took a million pics. 
 emmitt, jordan and axton
 sweetest bella playing with emmitt

 jordan, emmitt, zoeii, and jason

 emmitt, jordan and joeii
 me, jordan, emmitt, dad (jordans), mom (jordans)

baby emmitt/baby jordan
 jordan, emmitt, dad(jordans)

 so sweet while mommy is working.
 tries so hard to twist himself out of his swing. 
 loves swinging at the park
 just walking around the neighborhood

 sundays with my boys
 our view from our back porch. 

 family selfies

 cute boy. messy room.
 nap time at work.

wanting to go home. 
 moving :/
 i love watching these boys sleeping 

after chrch naps. 

 waiting for our car to get done, so what better time to take selfies and send them to daddy. 

 how he felt abour the crazy lady behind us on the plane. 
 slept almost the entire 4 1/2 hr flight

 his magic sleepsuit is magic. 

 fell asleep while mommy was working. 

 just a little obsessed with lions

 had the whole row to ourself

 while jordan was out of town i went into work and wasnt feeling well but i just kinda ignored it cause i never get sick. when i got home i continued to have a really bad headache and all i wanted to do was sleep. but i had a tiny baby who decided he didnt want to go to sleep. . . . i wanted to die. i had not felt like that in a really long time. i was on the verge of throwing up and had the chills. i finally took my temp and it was 103.5. i then kinda remembered the nurse talking to me about mastitis. early in the day my right boob had hurt a bit but not anything i thought was concerning, but when i looked up the symptons of mastitis i knew thats what it was. i called the on call nurse and she said i could either go to the er or drive down to provo to get a perscription. (it was almost midnight at the time and it was the closest one that was open). i did not want to go to the emergency room nor did i want to drive myself and baby 30 mins there and 30 mins back for a stupid perscription. so i just decided to just deal with it. i dont like asking anyone for help and i hate taking any medication for any reason. jordan decided to call one of his girls from work and asked if she would take me and called me and told me she was on her way. i felt so bad. she was so sweet and drove me all the way down and back up just for a perscription. needles to say that mastitis put me down. and it sucks not having your husband home when you are  at your worst and have to take care of a baby (who wouldnt sleep) at the same time. i finally felt a little normal 2 days later but man it was the worst 2 days. 

emmitt never liked being swaddled. he always wanted to be free and have his hands by his face. so i decided to just try it one day and im so sad that he hated it. he looks so freaking cute as a burrito! it only lasted maybe 15 secs. but atleast i got a pic of it 🙂

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