4th of July

 I was so excited for the 4th of July. Emmitt and I got to hang out with Daddy! Jordan suprised us with a hotel room downtown Provo so that we could just get up and walk one block up for the parade and not have to worry about parking, and they had a pool so we could hang out there as well.
So Friday after Jordan got home we packed a bag and went to the hotel. We checked in and went straight to the pool. The water was FREEZING. But the boys braved it. They both get hot so fast that the water was nice and cool for them. After that we got ready and went and walked around the Freedom Festival that they had in Provo. We ate and I wanted a snow cone soo bad. We went one of the many snow cone places they had. It was so good! The best part was the ice cream at the bottom. 🙂 We went back to our hotel early to sleep since we had to be up early.
On Saturday we woke up and got ready for the parade. We had breakfast at the hotel and then walk down to where the parade was going to be. I was nervous that if we didnt go early we wouldnt find a good spot to sit. We DID. right up front. It was so hott, luckily we sat in front of a tall building so it blocked the sun for half the parade but we ended up leaving early because it got to hott. We went back to the hotel to sleep. We slept forever. . .  After we woke up we headed to the pool and swam for a bit. By the time we were done with that we were STARVING. Jordan had seen a bbq place he wanted to try at the festival so we went back there again. We of course had to get another snow cone, im now obssessed, the girl had even recongized me from the day before. We went back to the hotel to wait till it was dark enough for fireworks. Our plan we had to watch fireworks didnt work out 😦 but we caught the tail end of the big fireworks so I guess since we havent seen fireworks the last three years, we are starting a new tradition of not seeing/missing the fireworks every year! haha. Its okay we saw them at Disneyworld a year ago and that fireworks show trumps any fireworks show ive ever seen, so i guess we just need to go to Disney now to make up for this 4th of July 😉 jk. Overall we had a great day and glad we were able to spend it together! Especially since for some people its a hard day with loved ones they cant spend it with or have died to fight for our freedom and independence. I am grateful to live in this beautiful country despite all that has been going on.

 Here are some pics from our 4th, they are quite out of order. ohwell.

^ i posted this pic on instagram. These are pics from our last 5 years on 4th of July.

^ i love his blue eyes.

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