we again are moving. this will be our 10th move in the 4 yrs of our marriage.

our lease was up on  our place and we were going to just stay here for another year but

a. the management company/owner of the house sucks. We have notified them many times to get things fixed and they have yet to do so. They keep saying “we will have maintenance call you”
b. our garage wont close unless you stand there and hold the button till it closes all the way
c. bc of that we have to pull the car out close the garage and go out the front door. it sucks.
d. the plumbing is terrible
e. while im greatful for a washer and dryer. the washer takes an hour to fill. it literally trickles out water. because it takes to long for the whole cycle to be done 75% of the time i forget i put a load in and when i do remember i have a load i have to rewash them and so bc of that laundry takes FOREVER to get done.

We LOVE the location but it’s a drive to Jordans office so until we decide to buy a home we want to live a little closer to Jordans office.
We finally found a place that we move into tomorrow. I’m so excited but I hate packing. nothing is packed. I planned on packing this week but I had to fly out to Atlanta. So I don’t get home till tomorrow. By myself nonetheless. Jordan doesn’t get back till Saturday at midnight.
I will post pictures of our new place when we get a little moved in. It’s cute. And just enough space for us. But we will miss Lehi. 😦


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