Emmitt Updates

Emmitt’s 3rd Month Update

omg. 3 months! i can’t believe it. he is getting so big. i miss my tiny snugly guy. he is still snugly though. thank goodness.

weighs 13lbs 4oz
length 24 inches

*he loves finding his hands too eat them
*drools a ton
*so smiley
*is always talking and cooing
*loves standing and jumping
*loves being walked around. especially by daddy
*falls asleep so easy in his marshmallow (magic sleepsuit)
*his daddies twin
*wakes up soo happy and smiley
*despite the fact he has to be at the office with me, he is so sweet most of the time. i feel so bad that he has to be there but he does so good

he makes jordan and i so happy. i love his sweet smiley face and it always makes my days ten times better. we couldnt be happier.

emmitts 3rd month in pictures. im just a tad obsessed.

 yup, thats milk all over his face. he likes to spit out the right side and smile while milk squirts everywhere. only on the right side tho. haha 

 he is finally out grown his newborn onesies

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