I love him moore and moore each day

I’m really upset cause I started writing this last night but I stopped to put emmitt down and my phone died and forgot to save it :/ and I’m already not good at writing like even when i speak i say the wrong things (not on purpose) but i have a hard time collecting my thoughts before i speak. it just comes out. and now it will just be worse and all over the place haha. anyways this will be a little personal but owell.

yesterday we were driving home from the store and talking about how things are a little different now that emmitt is born. we are both so busy and don’t make time for each other like we used to. we literally were together 24/7 and did EVERYTHING together. 
between working and taking care of emmitt we have both lacked on taking the time to spend time just us two. especially lately since jordan has been getting ready to leave for atlanta for a month :/ emmitt is already (almost) 3 months and we haven’t quite got a schedule down bc our days are literally so different.  i work for jordan sometimes, and we are at the office till 7/8 or he doesn’t come home for dinner till 7/8 and didn’t get to go to the gym so he goes at night. so our schedule is literally all over the place. on top of that we are also getting ready to move. 
so as we were talking about that jordan says “you don’t do things for me like you used to” and I retaliated by saying “well you don’t do cute things or surprise me like you used to do” 
as we pulled in our garage and i get out of the car. and i see one of jordan’s office girls walking up our driveway. i thought maybe jordan had left something at the office or she needed to pick something up from our house. and she says “oh no did i ruin the surprise?!” i just looked at jordan and he said go get dressed we are going to the temple. i just started bawling.

**i have been wanting to go to the temple since emmitt was born. (we always do sealings on our anniversary) but with emmitt just being born and me still recovering i didnt feel good enough to go. and now with my mom gone i really don’t feel comfortable leaving him quite yet.

luckily for jordan and him just surprising me with going,  i couldnt say no to allison for coming to watch emmitt and plus i so badly have been wanting to go.

on our way to the temple he says “so i dont do anything to surprise you?” we just laughed. i love him so much.

we got to the temple and decided to do sealings. we got dressed and went to the sealing room. a couple had gone before us and when it was our turn we got up and kneeled down. after one of the sealings one of the guys in the room said “how many days have you guys been married” me being slow was trying to quickly multiply 365 by 4 and add 2 1/2 months to get the number of days we have been married. jordan quickly said we’ve been married for 4 years and the guy was like “really? keep doing what you guys are doing, its beautiful the way you both look at each other and have the biggest smiles on your faces”
i then realized he had thought we had just recently been married and still in that newly married love phase.

i always want to look at jordan that way and have people think we were just newly married and still love each other.

the rest of the time at the temple just was amazing. i love my husband. and even though we have had some really hard trials in our marriage i love him moore (haha) and moore each day. he is the biggest blessing i could ever ask for. again, i have a hard time expressing what i want to say, or use poor choices of words. so im not going to try and explain how much i love him bc it probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone. haha. sorry babe. i suck.

i needed that temple trip. we needed a mini date just the two of us. its so important. especially bc i have been so stressed with everything going on in our lives that sometimes i forget all the things jordan does for me and all the blessings we have had in our lives.

so thank you babe for the little surprise and mini date. i love you.

**my hair is a mess. this is air dried and rainy day hair. oh well.

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