Emmitt Updates

Emmitt’s 1st Month Update

i cant believe my little lion in one month already! (well he is a month and a half now, but im slacking)

its been the best month ever. he is seriously the best. he sleeps from 11-12pm to anywhere from 3:30-4:30 and then again at 7:30 and then we sleep in till 10-10:30.

he sleeps in bed with us because i cant bare to let him go and they get so big so fast so im getting all my snuggles in now. (currently in the process of him sleeping in his crib)

he loves to snuggle. he buries his head into you when he sleeps.

we are nursing, but he doesnt like the right side very much. it takes for ever for him to latch, then spits it out a couple mins later, then takes forever to latch, and spits it out again. the. whole. time. haha.

he loves the lights, i cant wait till its warmer out and he is going to be a sun bather. he is already a sun thru the window bather.

he looovvess my kisses. i need to get it on video, but its hard to video myself. lol i will hold him up and kiss him and i pull away and say “ahhhh” and when i say that he opens his mouth to give him kisses. and we do it over and over and each time he opens his mouth wider and wider.  i. love. it. its my favorite thing in the world.

he loves bath’s. he just lays there with one leg always hanging over the edge. its the cutest thing.  i need a picture of that too.

his paci. if he isnt eating he wants the paci. he perfers one over the others (he will take the others) but the one is his favorite. i will die the day we loose it. i cant find any similar to it.

he smiled with his eyes open and alert on 2.11.15 exactly a month old. the cutest. now he smiles all the time. getting it on camera is a different story! i have gotten a few tho!

he is great in the carseat, until he is hungry then he cries a cry i never hear any other time.

now here are some pics. the best part. overload.

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