Emmitt Updates

my poor baby

we brought emmitt home on january 13th in the morning. we were told they did some blood work to check his biliruben levels for jaundice. he was at a 10.5 when we left the hospital. the next day (wednesday) we had to take him back to the hospital to get blood work done and later we got a call saying his levels were now at 16.8. they sent over a billi bed and blanket that we had to keep him in till the next morning to get more blood work done. It was the hardest night ever to not be able to hold him. The next day (thursday) we took him in to get blood work and his levels were at 15.2, they went down but not enough. we had to have him in the bed another full day. on friday we took him in again and his levels dropped down to 13.2 the nurse said we didnt have to keep in fully in the bed but to keep the bed over the weekend and anytime he is sleeping to put him in the bed. i felt so bad for him. i would sit next to his bed and cry and cry. but he is all better and no longer tan. (i was jealous of his tan) but i knew it wasnt a good thing for him to be that color. 

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