Bucket List/Goals

2015 goals

every year i make a list and that list disappears and i get to the next year and i only got a few done. .  so i don’t know why i do it every year. but i will be doing it again this year and see if i can at least do better this year then i did last year. 🙂

this year i will. . . . .

*have a baby (this will be accomplished for sure, unless emmitt decides to stay in there which at this point im thinking that’s the case.)

*carry and keep a planner/calendar with me

*plan fhe ahead of time and try to do it the same day every week

*read more. last year i tried to to read a certain amount of books. but. i. failed. i don’t get into books. im more of an informational/how to book kind of girl.

*eat more healthy and get in better shape.

*attend the temple at LEAST once a month. as well as add to the list of temples we have not been to yet.

*go back to school. i.need.to.finish.my.degree.period. #elementaryteacher #loverofeverythingatofficesupplystores

*make new friends. im extremely shy. so i struggle in this area. this will be a good goal.

*be a “i can” person. i tend to have a “i cant” attitude.

*make time for just jordan. baby free.

*blog more. i hope i can be better at that. i love looking back on old posts.

that’s all i can think of now. im sure i will think of more over the next couple days. hopefully this doesn’t turn into a “everything i need to change about my self post” 🙂

the last two pictures taken of 2014.

                             belly shot. ready.to.pop. is an understatement.

                      i had to take a pic while he wasn’t paying attention. i love that smile. he.is.my.fav.

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