My 25th Birthday!

Long back story haha this is basically only for me anyways since only like 3 people read this. 🙂  :

Life for us is a bit hectic right now. For Jordan especially. We (he) opened up a business in Atlanta and I helped run it. To say it wasn’t stressful would be a lie. It’s a big Responsibility. Not only do we have the burden of making it work, but we are responsible for all the 30+ employees we have working for us. Jordan promised me that if I helped him run it for a year he would fire me so I can work on other things like school and having kids. So March of this year (as hard as it was and still is today) I stopped working in the office.  
It was bittersweet as much of a relief it was for me. It sucked for so many reasons. 
A. It was/is my baby. I wanted/want my hands in everything or to be in  charge and have my opinions for everything 🙂 
B. Jordan was out of town recruiting/training the whole month of March. So I missed him to death. But I was BEYOND bored and wanted to do anything but stay at home even work all day.
C. I hate packing. We were moving to Utah the middle of April. So I had to get everything packed so when Jordan got home all he had to do is load it up. 
So that was March. 
April 1st: Jordan FINALLY came home. Side note/TMI: the day we got pregnant 
We got everything all packed

Our apartment in Brookhaven, GA

We moved (well we flew) to Utah the middle of April. We had three days to move in our stuff. (That’s a fiasco story all on its own). Then back to Atlanta we went for two weeks. 
The 26th we flew back to Utah (making our flight is a good story too, I should prolly blog more so I can write these stories down) 
We were in Utah maybe 24 hrs then we packed up the car and drove to Arizona for my birthday. 
My Birthday in Pictures in no order at all:
Newport Beach 
In our hotel
Poor guy this I how most of our “Vaca” was. 
Our view from our room
In Laughlin, Nevada. Haha 
The beach
Colorado river in Laughlin, NV
Our cute bed in our Newport Hotel
Our good friend Sasha’s wedding in L.A.
The L.A. Temple grounds
The beautiful L.A. Temple
L.A. Temple
Jordan and Sasha
Haha “25” just backwards 🙂
Love him 
Playing some golf
Always have to have a duck face pic. Always
Love that boy
Driving to bullhead city 
The beach
That ice cream Was THE BEST sherbet I have EVER had. And I have no idea where I could get it anywhere else. (The place I got it doesn’t have a phone number or I’d call them, and I’ve googled everything) 

Elevator selfie

My amazing sister and brother in law took Jordan and I to Mastros in Scottsdale
In our way to go skydiving. . . . . To bad it got canceled Due to it being to windy. Sucky

Us making our flight 







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