Jordan’s Birthday!!

He is 30!
So for Jordan’s birthday we decided to go to Salt lake to celebrate. But bc of the snow storm (barely 2 inches) Atlanta was shut down. Soooo we had to drive to Nashville to get on a flight. Luckily we made it (every one was trying to get out of georgia). Here are some pics of our trip.
Shopping of course.


I wrote 30 things I love about him. Bc of our flight I couldn’t set it up the way I wanted to but, he got the idea 🙂


Some of his 30 gifts!


We are a lot of dessert 🙂


Birthday night in Nashville eating some BBQ


Our cute room at the Grand America (our favorite hotel in SLC)
And the flowers Jordan had the hotel send up. He is the sweetest.


Dinner at one of his favorite places Market Street Grill
Jordan’s company has season tickets to the Jazz game so we went to one while we were there. Not bad considering I HATE basketball.



My love


We went to Provo to have lunch with my cousin and Jordan had some meetings and we stopped by our first apartment we had right after we got married. (The top floor)


I wanted the arrangement so bad! Those are my favorite flowers and they smelt AMAZING. I told Jordan I wanted fresh star gazer Lillie’s at our house every week 🙂 maybe not as big tho 🙂


We were in SLC for the Super Bowl. The Grand America had a little Super Bowl party and buffet we went to to watch the game. We had good seats 🙂


I love when he smiles.


I love this view. I can’t wait to move back. I miss the mountains. (Yes I know we live near the Appalachian mountains, but I can’t see them with the massive amounts of trees around us, so it doesn’t count )


This is from my Instagram. I love that quote.


This is the gorgeous garden area at the hotel. We should of had our reception here. It’s our favorite place.


The view at night from our room.



These next few pics explain our relationship. Fun. We love to be goofy.




I wish we would have taken more pics but I forget half the time. But we had a great trip. We have a fun trip planned in a month I’m sooooo excited for. MY birthday trip. Yay!

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