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We went on a cruise the beginning of January. We almost didn’t go because I lost (Jordan lost) my drivers licence and I ordered one as soon as I found out which was three days before we left for our cruise. I tracked it everyday and it was going to be here on time till I woke up on the the 31st and it said the plane it was on was delayed and it’s updated arrival time was Thursday the 2nd which is the day our ship leaves.

So I tried hurrying to the Georgia dmv (should have done that 8 months ago whoops) to get a georgia licence. I waited in the longest line ever to get all the way to the front for them to tell me I couldn’t get a georgia licence unless I had my az copy for them. I  explained I lost it and she said to dry and call the az dmv to see if they will email or fax a copy of my record to the georgia dmv. The said I can go online and for $3 I could get a copy that I could print out for them. I got in the huge line again and when i got in to the front she told me she doesn’t think that will work!! I was SO FRUSTRATED! She sent me over to ask a guy if that worked and I beeeeggggeed him. He said they would take it. I was so relieved. I walked over to the lady again (I cut the line, everyone stared me down but I had already done that TWICE) she gave me my ticket I needed to wait again to see someone who could help me (yeah that long line was just to get the slip with the Number on it to be called )
I waited FOR EVER. I got there at 8:30am. I finally got my A87 called and walked up there and handed her all my paperwork and she said “you have two copies of your marriage license and I need your birth certificate” I frantically looked through my file of important papers that i ALWAYS keep together. And all I had was Jordan’s birth certificate. I was soooo upset I left bawling. Clearly it was not meant to be for me to go on that cruise.
I got back got the office and Jordan was trying to make me feel better. I started catching up on my work since I didn’t get back to the office till almost 1 OCLOCK! I was at the DMV for FOUR hours.
Just as we were about the leave the office at 5:30 the UPS guy came in with a package WITH MY LISENCE IN IT! I was soooo excited!!
We left the next night to Florida to get on our cruise.
Needless to say there was a reason I shouldn’t have gone on the cruise
I was sick the WHOLE time. I forgot to buy sea sick medicine. But our last Bahamas cruise I didn’t get sick once. So it wasn’t on my mind. ( I thought maybe the the Pacific Ocean was rocky or something cause I got sick on our cabo cruise)
The weather was so bad the boat rocked the whole time! I wouldn’t constantly have to run to a window to look outside to make myself feel better.
I feel bad for saying this because there are so many people in this world who barely have food to feed themselves or their families but I couldn’t stand the food. I ate so much pineapple and sherbet. At dinner our sweet waiters worked so hard and it made me feel horrible that I have this whole menu of food to eat and I was being picky or it wasn’t up to my standard of tasting good. And these cute waiters spend months mad months at a time on these boats to save up all their money to take back to their families and here I am wasting food. I felt horrible. It made me realize that who am I to complain when I got to take off work to enjoy myself and relax and some people never get to have some of the luxuries that I have.
So even though I was sick and it wasn’t the warmest trip. I tried my hardest to enjoy every moment of it. . .  Here are some pictures































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