10 Things

10 Things . . . 

That are happening in my life. 

1. Working, Working, Working. 

2. Trying to find a house. 

3. Wishing I could spend more time cleaning and organizing.

4. I have like 10 crafts/recipes I have been wanting to make

5.  Trying really hard to find a comforter that I like. Its hard. 

6.  Should have taken a lot more pictures this summer. (need to be a lot better with that)

7. Planning our Thanksgiving in ARIZONA and Christmas at DISNEYWORLD. SO EXCITED. 

8. Getting better about waking up early to work out and start my day before work. 

9. Being jealous of all the cute pregnant girls and chubby babies!! 🙂

10. Even though I work with Jordan, I wish I could spend more time with him doing something other than work 🙂 Plus he was gone for tow weeks and im glad I dont have to talk to him like this any more!








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