December Update

We decided since we spent thanksgiving in az that we would go to virginia for christmas. We left the 15th and came home the 27th. It was a nice break from school.

We drove down to vegas and flew out from there. When we were at the airport waiting for our flight jordan put $20 in a machine and won $254!

We really like virginia. The first weekend we wrre there we went down to virginia beach. We got so spoiled from my parents for Christmas and Jordan spoiled me!

We flew back into Vegas and stayed the night at the palms place. It was such a nice room the bathroom was awesome.  🙂

When we came home we decided we were going to move out to virginia beach, 2 hrs away from my parents home. Jordan is opening up a business out there. Im so nervous/excited/scared.   🙂 :/ :(!!

For new years we went down to park city with sasha and his gf.

Ill add more pics later. We lost ALLLLLL our pics from our computer 😦 he is a few. …..

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