october updates.

I truly suck at this. Which is sad because I wish I was better at keeping up with it.  I love going back and remembering the things i had forgotten all about. Im going to make a post for each month since i stopped blogging. What we have been doing since October. . . lets see. . . . get ready for  a loooonnng post.

      school. school. And the 20th we flew out to Chicago to go to the Notre Dame Versus BYU game. That is a story allllll on its own. So I decided to save up money and surprise Jordan with Notre Dame tickets. I was just going to have him get in the car and take him to the airport and then tell him where we were going. BUT my plan wasn’t working out for me. I looked and looked and looked for good plane ticket deals and how I would get them with out Jordan knowing. So I finally booked tickets for really cheap that we could fly right into South Bend where Notre Dame is (When i got the tickets my parents were still living in Chicago so we were just going to stay with them and borrow a car, but since they had moved I had a lot more details to figure out).  But then after I bought the tickets I realized our plan was landing one hour before the game started on that Saturday.  I was so stressed that we would miss the game, get there late, or something happen to the plane. So I decided to tell Jordan early so that he could help me with all the details. He was beyond excited that I got him the tickets, but was bummed because the whole fun of the game is the festivities that Friday before. So we looked into changing the day of the ticket, we were 2 hrs from the 24 hr period of switching the flight so we decided to just pay for one way tickets to Chicago which was cheaper then paying to change the day to Chicago. which was stupid. So we finally get to Chicago. We rode the train to South Bend, Indiana to pick up our rental car at the airport. I decided since we were there to check our flight. Good thing I did because I didn’t know that if you didn’t take your flight there that your returning flight was canceled. So since we came out on an earlier one way flight, our way home flight was canceled. . . Great way to start our trip right. So we call to see if we could fix it, and they wouldn’t help us. So I called my dad and he said he would try and fix it. So in the meantime we go to our hotel to check in. (three weeks prior there were NOOOO hotel rooms available within a 45 mile radius) so Jordan happen to find one like 8 minutes away and booked it. Well we got there. (im laughing writing this. it. was. bad.) if anyone has seen the movie Taken and the part where the dad is looking for his daughter in all the rooms and all the girls are tied to the beds. Thats where we were. I was so scared. So then we got to our room and walked in and I couldn’t stop laughing. It looked like the inside of an old motor home. shag carpet all over even up the walls half way. There  was a HEART shaped tub next to the bed. and the bed has an old stereo as the head board. I looked for a quarter machine to make the bed shake. THERE WERE MIRRORS EVERY WHERE. all around the room, and above the bed. It was DISGUSTING. The comforter had nasty stains all over, and crusty stains all over the carpet. I made Jordan buy Sheets and a blanket to sleep on.  Good thing it was only one night. After that craziness my dad calls us telling us that he figured something out and that we would fly out of Chicago. BEST NEWS EVER. It all got better from there. Notre Dame beat BYU,  it was close,  I was nervous. and we made it home. we also got two $400 vouchers for tickets, a free hotel stay and meal vouchers to take another flight. 🙂 here are some pics.




 And for a couple weeks Jordan ran a call center calling for Mitt Romney TRYING to get him elected 😦
     Jordan and I went down to Arizona for Thanksgiving. It was so fun we stayed about a week and a half. It was a nice break and glad we got to see all the family.

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