My favorite person in the WORLD

This guy is my favorite person in the world. 
Met: 9.10.10
Started Dating: 12.24.10
Got Engaged: 1.6.11
Got Married: 1.20.11
Got Sealed for Time and Eternity: 1.20.12
Ill i can say is we knew it was meant to be. 🙂

                                          There are so many things I absolutely love about you. . .

your arms are my favorite 🙂   
your testimony and joining the church

when we talk about babies that we so badly want
your massages are the BEST. 
your laugh is my favorite sound 
we have so much in common, yet are so different that its perfect
how patient you are with me
the way i feel when you hold me
your kisses
you have to be perfect in everything you set your mind to
how strong you are mentally and physically
your surprises that never work out
that we love to be bums and just hang out and have the best day
the way you talk 🙂
how we cant stay made at each other
how hard working you are
your love for the gospel 
how goofy we are together
your songs you make up
you never go to bed with out kissing me
your. so. hot.
you remember to take pictures 
your very determined
you do what ever you can to make me happy
you take care of me when you know i’m hurting or sick
your nicknames for me
you always tell me how beautiful i am
how we have been able to do so much together
traveling together
your an amazing cook
that we hate leaving each other
we have our shows we love to watch together
how out going you are
when you hold my hand when we are walking anywhere
your love for learning
when you hold me when im upset
when you do anything to make me feel better
don’t get frustrated that im so picky (not as much any more)

just to name a few . . . . 

the way we found each other is amazing and how it happened
we have been through so much together and i am so grateful for your love and support. 

i am most grateful that i get to not only spend my whole life here on earth with you but that i get to spend the rest of eternity with you.  

I love these quotes. 

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