Been busy.

We have been so busy lately.  We ended working in Aug. and straight after that was vacation time.

We didn’t end up going to New York, but we will be going next year so we can plan it out more thoroughly and have more time.  We had so much fun tho. I love our road trips (we have a lot of them). I’m glad we stopped in Chicago to see my family b/c they are moving at the end of the month to Virginia. New vacation spot for Christmas and next summer.

We are back in Salt Lake going to school. I love it. I’m a little worried about my Business Law and Ethics class tho. Even with school we have so much going on.  October 4th Daniella and Donovan are coming up for conference and we are so excited. Then October 18th we are going to South Bend, Indiana to watch Notre Dame vs. BYU. Jordan is soo excited. Halloween at the end of the month. Thanksgiving we are going down to Arizona to see our families. Then Christmas in Virginia, and New Years at Disneyland/ Newport Beach. We have so much to look forward to!

I am very grateful for Jordan. He worked his butt off this summer.  ILoveHim.

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