what we have been up to lately in matthews, north carolina

so other than working (jordan lol) all day. we have done a bucnh of fun things.  . . .

1. we went to carowinds (its like 6 flags. )

it rained the WHOLE time. but it was fun cause there was no one there so we just got to ride everything like 3 times in a row. it was sooo much fun.

 soaking wet and my hair is a mess. lol

2. we went to the NASCAR race to see my BF. Earnhardt jr. 🙂 i have loved him since i was 14.  he didnt win 😦 he was in 3rd for a while tho!
i get embarrased taking pictures in front of a bunch of people, so i always look so awkward. and my hands are always in fists. (stupid anxiety)

3. we have been doing a lot of this. . . 
go out to eat. 

going to the pool and laying out.

being obsessed with the doritos tacos . (i am, not so much him, his picture just looked better)

 just enjoying being able to see each other. even if its just drives or walking around the mall. 

going to the movies. this theater has big comfy love seats so you can cuddle. 

we are going to the Raleigh Temple today im soo excited! when we get back to salt lake im never taking having so many temples so close by for granted. we have to temples that we could go to but they are both 2 hours away. so its hard to find time to go since jordan works so much. i cant wait. 
because fathers day is tomorrow i just thought i would say a few things about  . . .
my dad. he his the BEST. i was so spoiled growing up. i had everything i could ever wanted. he is such a hard worker and does what he has to do to provide for his family. im so grateful for him. i love him so much. i cant wait to see him hopefully next month if not in aug/sept. 
my husband. he isnt a daddy yet, but he is going to make the best daddy. he is my big kid and my children are going to have so much fun, im going to be the mean one lol. he is amazing. i love spending every sec i can get with him. i cant get enough. just look at him 🙂

* so funny story i had to write down so i wouldnt forget. he always says the funniest/cutest things.
    i was in the bathroom getting ready for work and he walks in and says “baby your so beautiful” i turned to him and said “not at all i have this freaking planet on my face” he said “no baby thats mars, and together we have a solar system” i couldnt be mad at him for basically saying yeah you have a bunch of things on ur face, because i thought it was sweet in his own way. i love him and the things that he says. in the back of my journal i write all the things he says. lol i love reading them .

anyways, we are going to the temple! im so excited i cant wait! ill post pictures next time! thanks for reading.

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