my birthday!

i had the BEST birthday. I have the sweetest husband.

on saturday (day before my bday) i woke up to this . .

(hope he doesnt get mad at me for putting this on here 🙂 lol)
i got all ready and he took me to ruth’s chris. 

i absolutely love him.

we then went to downtown charlotte to check it out. then some of the other guys jordan works with met up with us.

we couldnt resist not getting ice cream. we are def sweet tooth people. its perfect. 
on the day of my birthday he let me sleep in and made me breakfast. 
i have been wanting a watch so bad, he is def a good listener and got me the one i have been wanting. i love it. 
then we went to dinner here. . . . 
**** so i have to tell the story, jordan does summer sales, so one day he knocked this house and started a conversation with the husband and wife and they invited jordan and i to dinner on sunday, jordan said maybe only cause it was my birthday on sunday. he came home and told me about it and i said that it was fine. so we go over there on sunday and we start talking and she asks us if we had found someone to sublease our apartment (me thinking that jordan had told her the other day when he was there that we were here for the summer and maybe mentioned that we had to find someone to sublease it? idk lol) and we said yeah we found someone. (*two weeks before we came to charlotte, lucky us) she said good then i can come clean, and jordan and i were like what? and the lady brought her daughter out to us and was like this is our daughter the one that was supposed to sublease your apartment and then had to cancel last minute, she felt horrible! lol its SUCH a small world and for all areas of jordan to be knocking and run into them and them invite us to dinner. she had told her daughter that she had met jordan who sold pest control and invited him and his wife to dinner. the daughter than asked if they were from salt lake and the mom said yes and the daughter says no mom you cant those are the people that we had to call and tell them we couldn’t sublease last minute. lol they were such sweet kind people, im so grateful for all the opportunities and people we have met while being married. 

 excuse the wet hair, no makeup look.

over all i had an amazing birthday and couldnt have asked for a better person to share it with. thank you baby. 🙂

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