things im obsessed with lately.

#1 my husband, i know im bias BUT i truly have the most amazing husband. he is the sweetest guy in the world, and does the cutest things for me. i love that he tried to surprise me with things but it never turns out. he is the hottest too. i love being married to him. and i love that will be with each other for eternity.

I love his smile and laugh.

in cabo. i either get crazy face, or that face 🙂 ill take what i can get.

on the cruise. he is the cutest.



in chicago.

#2  temples. i want to go to all of them. while we are in charlotte, i plan on doing a session here:


also on our way home from Charlotte when the summer is over we are going to D.C, New York, Boston, and to Chicago.  So hopefully we make it to these beautiful temples.








Washington D.C.
#3   pintrest. i love it. i have so many things i want to make, eat, have my dream house like, ideas for EVERYTHING. you can find everything on pintrest.
#4  babies, i want a baby so bad, im so baby hungry. everyone is pregnant. . im so jealous 🙂 PLUs pintrest makes me want one even more with all the cute ideas and baby stuff like:






#5  books
I have been reading smart women finish rich. i love helpful books, i have a hard time getting into like story books, i like learning things, like how to. i recommend smart women finish rich, im trying to learn more about being more financially savy, and frugal. TRYING. lol
#6   york peppermint patties and peanut butter m&ms
i hate dark chocolate but i cant stop eating them, i have a bag of them in my desk……

this is both jordan and i’s favorite candy to get on road trips (that and twizzlers) but i had a bag of those in my desk too but we both devoured them wooops. 🙂

#7  matthews, i absolutely love it here so far. i love out cute apartment.. . . . .sorry its a little messy, i attempted to make homemade chicken noodle soup. (jordan said its the best he has ever had but he is supposed to say that lol AND i even cooked a whole raw chicken, seriously the most disgusting thing i have ever done and touched.) but excuse the mess.



(the bathroom i forgot, but we have a HUGE tub, and the biggest bathroom with so much storage)
#8 fav places to eat jamba, texas roadhouse and olive garden. (i get the same thing everytime)
From jamba i get a berry lime sublime.
from texas i get a steak w/ baked potato, and salad, and i eat about 50 of the rolls with cinnamon butter.
from olive garden i get fettuccine alfredo with broccoli, salad and there bread sticks.


i pretty much could live off pasta, bread, veggies (potatoes for sure) and fruit.
#9 websites. i have a list of them that im still adding to on the right side bar of my blog.

anything that is a how to i love.

*my birthday is in two days. im so excited. its on sunday this year so i get to spend the whole day with jordan. i get to eat my favorite dinner beef stroganoff. yuumm. and i asked jordan to make me a cake. lol i want to see what he does with it. lol


2 thoughts on “things im obsessed with lately.

  1. totally cute. i love how-to books also. and i love those temples. (especially boston (of course) and washington d.c. since my parents were married there). two more things: i also want a baby so bad, and i am obsessed with olive garden. i used to be obsessed with jamba juice and i do like texas roadhouse, but i would have to pick outback steakhouse over it because that's what they have in new england.


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