ten things that have happened since last post.

 1. jordan’s work was having a recruiting trip so we all went skiing. it was fun. i didnt fall once for my first time.                                                                                                  

2. we went to new york but we had a layover in az, so we got to see family 🙂

i love these. he is going to be the best daddy. we cant wait.

                          bella is the cutest.

 so my husband decided,  while we are in az for a couple hours to go dirt biking. he has a death wish and gets crazy when he is doing things like that. ANYWAYS, i told him to be careful and i please not to get crazy………………. he came back with bruises, burns, and a broken pinky. (a lot better than i thought he was going to come home with, but his pinky is STILL swollen and broken, but wont go to the dr.) these pics dont do it justice, it was bad.

his pinky looks worse now than it did.

3. we went to new york to baptize one of jordans best friends.

 these are just pics of us on our many flights to get to new york.

 we ate at red lobster for my first time, i hate sea food, so i ate steak. i tried shrimp, it was okay but something i would never order again

 this was such a neat experience to be able to watch my husband baptize his best friend

  jordan, chad, jordans sister (daniella)

my cute husband in new york city.  (smallest plane ive ever been on)
4. we got tickets to the 2nd session of sunday general conference.
we were so close. 
 i LOVED it. 
i cant wait to go again next session. 

5. easter!! im so bummed bc we were so busy with school that we really didnt do anything as far as eggs and baskets. but we did have dinner with allie joy and richard. 
they were so sweet to invite us over. we had so much fun. 
sadly we didnt get any pics while we were there, but we got a couple from before church.
6. we finished school. i love the lds business college. 
7. road trips! we drove straight after school to chicago to see my family. then we went from chicago to charlotte, our new home for summer. im horrible at taking pics and u would think that with all our moves that we would have a million road trip pics but we dont 
  excuse the dead bugs on the windows.
8. we went to chicago and saw my family and went downtown
to shop and go to shed aquarium. it was so fun. 
                 he did a lot of this 🙂

      my cute nephew

 i love the series weeds and im obsessed with the song “little houses” that play at the beginning of the epsidodes so my cute sister made me these so freaking yummy & addicting.

  my sweet husband watching kids for a relief society activity. i love him.

  ohhh so yummy.

    me and mom

   good thing he shared.

       my amazing sisters.

    horchata (sp?) yuck.

     the family in chicago. (just missing jordan who is taking the pic, dad and dalton)

   my amazing photographer of a husband got this action pic…….gross.

    at shed aqaurium….i look gross but we forgot to take pics. im so bummed.


      he gives the best kisses.

9. we moved to north carolina. (charlotte area)
we live in matthews. 
 these are sooo cute apartments. i love.


     the pool area.

10. we started work! i actually like my job. its fun. 
so does jordan (see below)

  doesnt he look so cute. i think so.

    my amazing husband. he spoils me so much.

Well that is what has been going on in our lives lately. i will get better at this posting thing. i also added a page for my favorite websites, and my bucket list that i will constantly be adding to and posting pics to when i get it done. hopefully i will be more consistent. 🙂
sorry about the picture overload. 🙂

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