Catching up……

Soooo i am HORRIBLE at this whole blog thing.  1. because im not that interesting. 2. No one really reads it any way  and 3. cause I never know what to write about. lol thats okay though im going to start doing this more frequently anyways. It will be fun to look back at it years from now to see what was going on in our lives. 🙂

Anyways im going to recap about what has been going on allll the way back from Aug till now. Bare with me 🙂

Aug: We decided to stay in Indy till Sept. so Jordan could reach his goal. (which he passed). And we visited Chicago for My brother Daltons,  sister Sam’s and Nephew Carters bday. I cant believe he is already 3!

Sept: We left Indy (so sad, i will miss the people we made friends with while there.) We stopped in Chicago again to say bye to my family. We drove to Denver to see my best friend, and im sooo sad that we didnt get any pics together. (im horrible at remembering to take pics.) Then we went home to mesa.

Oct: Nothing really, we decided we would go to the LDS Business College so we just hung out in Mesa till school started in Jan.

Nov: My mom came out to Mesa and her, my grandma, and aunts went to Time Out for Women. I LOVED it i cant wait to go this year. Hopefully i meet some really cute girls to go with me since i know no one here yet.

Dec: We started getting ready for our next move (this is the 5th move in under a year lol)  Ill post pics of our cute apartment when we get completely all settled in. We have been crazy busy. I went through the Mesa, Az Temple Dec 16. It was an AMAZING experience i LOVE the Temple. Especially the Salt Lake Temple with its live sessions.  My mom flew out for that i was so glad she was able to be there. Christmas we great, it will be nice to spend Christmas this year with all our own decorations. (we were living with his sister till we moved to SLC) im so excited.  New years was soo fun. We spent it with his family, then went to bed for a couple hours. We had to be ready at 4am to go on our cruise to CABO.

Jan: We met up with Brad and his now wife Melisha (the sweetest girl) to drive to California. We had so much fun. I did get sea sick the first two days but it was worth it. We got a hotel in Cabo cause we wanted to spend more time there than the cruise was giving us (we would have had to be back on the boat at 7). The next day we went para sailing, sooo much fun.  We ate tons of ice cream cones the whole cruise. When we got back to California we drove back to mesa, then packed all our stuff and moved to SLC that weekend. and started school that monday. (it was crazy)

We got Sealed January 20, 2012 and had the most amazing reception. I love my husband he spoils me sooo much. We had a lot of people fly in for that and we are sooo grateful.

Now we are just boring college students getting through school.

Valentines day: My poor husband had the whole day planned to do a session at the temple, then go see the vow, than take me to ruths chris (I have never been) but he was sooo sick. He got me the cutest white roses with two pink ones for the two valentines day’s we have spent together, and we rented the notebook, and he got me jr. mints (im obsessed.) and told me to pick a day and we would go see either the Beatles show or “O” in vegas. Im sooo excited. I LOVE Cirque Du Soleil. We have been to Mystere and the Elvis one. They are awesome. Totally recommend.  But thats pretty much it so far. Ill be putting up random pics from the last 6 months. next time. but here are some from Valentines Day.




(They arent the best pics. But i Love him so much, Poor thing was sooo sick.)

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