Those amazing things. . . .

I love that he takes pics of everything he sees with my name on it. 
  He takes pictures of us doing everything.  If it weren’t for him we wouldnt have pics. Im sooo bad at it. 

He throws me surprise b-day dinners at my favorite restaurants. Even though I kinda ruined it. I was sooo surprised! He did good. 

 He alllllways looks sooo hott. 🙂 I love it.

 I love his random pics.

      Jordan looking hott in my sunglasses.
 I love that he loves & adores his nieces and nephews.


I love that he will go running with me even though i complain, most the time 🙂             
More of his random pics  


                  Love that he loves me even with the weird faces i make

 Us in Laughlin, NV.
I love the faces he makes. 

  Im not gambling, im watching 🙂



I love knowing he is my hubby.

Stupid camera. no wonder Jordan always uses his phone. lol


I love us. & him very much.

 Us in Vegas on our honeymoon. 


Again . . .

I have the sweetest and most thoughtful hubby, even though sometimes he surprises dont work out 🙂


I get to spend the rest of my life with him 

 I truly couldnt be any happier


Hours before I was Mrs. Jordan Moore.


I was sooo excited. I couldnt stop smiling. 


I love waking up to him every morning.
 I love that he will do anything with me, even if its putting on face masks. (We would have smiled but we cant move our faces. lol)

 I cant wait to be Sealed to him in Jan.!!


 He Surprised me at work, and brought me my favorite flowers. He is AMAZING.


 We are TWINERS. He lets me decorate his nails 🙂

He is my best friend, and every day we are together gets better and better. 


So cutest story. It was my birthday and he made me a cute, hot bubble bath and brought in the computer so we could watch a movie. Well, with both of us the water was going to over flow so i had to let some out, I didnt know that the little lever thing should be (I still cant remember whether its supposed to up or down to hold the water in :/ lol) but anyways. I thought I stopped the water from coming out, but little by little it was draining out, I didnt notice it till it was like really low. So when I went to put more water in ALLLL the hot water was out. My amazing husband gets out and puts a bunch of pots and pans full of water on the stove to make it hot to refill my bath. He is the most amazing and sweet husband ever. I love you Jordan. 

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