Im extremely bad at this, but ohhh well. I will never take Jordan coming home at 6/7 pm home from work for granted EVER. Him coming home at 10pm sucks, we don’t get to spend a lot of time with each other at all. It will all pay off after the summer is over though. I cant wait. I miss Az. Im sooo sad that all my cousins are getting married and I wont be able to go. Im sooo happy for them. Right now Lex is staying with us, Its been going really well.

We have been having fun, im not going crazy, and sitting alone doing nothing for 5 hours, before Jordan gets home. I have a shopping/gym & hang out sister.
I cant wait to go home to start school & plan my sealing/reception. And get our pics done. Im sooo excited. 6 1/2 more months!!
Soooooo I just want to take some time to say all the amazing/cute things my hubby has done for me.

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