So our lives have been crazy busy. When Jordan & I got married we moved up to Provo for Jordans job. We were there about a month but it didnt work out (he didnt get fired!!) So we moved back to Az, we got blessed and were able to find someone to take our apartment the night we put it on craigslist. So in Az i was working for my AMAZING aunt who I owe sooooooo many thank yous too. She is the best. Jordan was working with his brother. That was going good till one of his mission companions talked to him about selling pest control. Needless to say he decided to take the job. Soooo in the three months we have been married we have lived in three states. Moving is MY whole life story. But its an adventure i get to have with my HOT, WONDERFUL, THOUGHTFUL, & PATIENT HUSBAND. So we are living in Indiana we will be here till the middle of Aug. Which im totally not complaining (except its freaking cold, i miss the warmth) but im only 3 1/2 hours away from my family!! So i can visit often. We stopped by to see them on the way to indiana and spent almost a week with them it went by WAY to fast. But knowing they arent far away makes it better 🙂 I like our cute little apartment. Its very spacious. I just hate buying alll the stuff we need for a apartment. We left a lot of stuff in Az. But I love being with my husband. I dont like that I dont get to see him till 9-10 at night, but im glad I get to see him every day. I dont know how my mom does it. Ill post pics of our apartment, and some others later. When I upload them!

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