Literally a min after Jordan proposed he was like how fast can you pack? I was like what?! He told me I need to start packing to drive back down to AZ. I packed pretty dang fast and left a lot of stuff behind. I was proud of myself.  Anyways we got my car all packed up with my stuff and we headed to AZ.  We got there and only had one day to spend with him before he had to go back up to Utah. It sucked, we got engaged and he had to leave. About 2 weeks later he came down to see me & with a lot of thinking we just decided to get married right away. We would be to stressed trying to plan a wedding when we are in two seperate states, trying to save money for a wedding & figuring out where we would live and everything. So we got married Jan 20th, 2011. It was the best decision ever. We had a small wedding at my grandparents house with little family. My Grandma and Aunt Kim are AMAZING. I couldnt have done it with out them. We had so much support and im sooo glad for that. We had a beautiful cake. We talked about not smooshing cake in each others face, but when we started feeding each other i couldnt help myself  . . .  Cake in my face! (< – watch it )  He got me soooo much worse!!! But its now a funny memory.  So now that we are married. We are saving for a reception after we get sealed Jan 20th, 2012! Im soo excited and happy to be sealed for time and all eternity to my amazing husband, I couldnt have asked for better.

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