Engagement Story

So I love reading everyone’s blogs they are so cute & funny, ssooo i decided i’d make my own. Im not very good at this but o well.  Here it goes. Jordan and I met in Chicago on his mission. Yupp. 🙂  I was living in Mesa and my mom kept telling me that there was this cute missionary from Mesa that she wanted me to marry (she is always trying to set me up or point out cute guys). Anyways, I decided in Aug. that i needed to move back to Chicago, so i did. The Missionaries usually came to my families house every Tuesday for dinner, I couldn’t wait for that Tuesday to meet this guy that my mom wanted me to marry.  They came over and he was (still is) very out going and I LOVED his laugh. And according to him and i quote “I thought you were very hot & funny but i also thought you were a VERY spoiled girl. You acted like you were all that & kept making annoying comments, and that i was the dumbest girl ever.”  But every Tuesday the would come over and we would talk more and more, there were so many things we had in common. We defiantly started liking each other, but we just kept it appropriate lol. In Dec. he got off his mission and we decided to take a family vacation to Mesa for Christmas, so Jordan and I met up and hung out the whole week I was there. I did not want to go back to Chicago. When i got back home Jordan & talked all the time. He was going to Salt Lake to start a job and go to school. We talked about getting married as soon as I got back. We talked about getting engaged and me moving to az until we got married. So since i knew i’d be in az when we got engaged i wanted to go dress shopping with my mom so she could help me pick my dress out since id be in az and she wouldnt be able to go with me. While we were at the dress store the current missionaries called my mom saying they were going to come over and give us a lesson. So we went home and I LOOKED like crap, like disgusting, and right after they gave the lesson they doorbell rang it was like 9:30 pm i was on my computer like who the heck is at the door this late. . . . . . . Engament Video! 

So this happened like two weeks after his mission we were ENGAGED.


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